Fly in-fly out

Posted on October 24, 2013



Kirunas stora skräck. Arbetare som bara kommer hit för sina veckoskift, och åker hem till Dorotea-Arvidsjaur-Skellefteå-Stockholm på de lediga veckorna. De ger ju inga skatteintäkter. Läs om dem och deras tillfälliga Kirunaliv här.

















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    – Happy Easter! We’re home for the day from church & festivities, so I thought about doing some macro too! How can you possibly fill eggs and not splurge on the sneaking candy to eat?.. lol.. Love the softness of the first pic =)March 23, 2008 – 3:36 pm

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    Congrats BC & everyone. Great performance and great result. Good that we proved we dont have a jinx or anything against Spurs. I dont think Berbatov dived. It was a fair penalty. Carvalho could have left Cech to make an attempt to save instead making that risky tackle.Reply

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    comentou em 11 de fevereiro de 2010 às 17:21. Ainda não provei nada disso. Ainda prefiro um peeling suave de vez em quando. Tenho medo de ficar com o rosto paralizado e sem expressão. Acho que o Botox, quando feito errado ou antes do tempo, acaba deixando a mulher com cara de mais velha do que é.BJssss!!!!!

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    zegt:argh slakken…… hier ook een hele tuin vol en regelmatig grijp ik in mn jaszak naar sleutels en grijp dan in een hand slakkenslijm omdat de peuterzoon daar onderweg lopend met de hond een paar ingestopt heeft…ieeeuwwww….En jahhhhh geniet nog maar lekker van dat gezellige -metzntweetjesineenlijf-gevoel

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    First, foremost and above all: thank you for your service. I love finding strong characters and you’re right, they can be hard to find. I think that’s why I read so many mysteries. Miss Jane might be fluffy but she kicks butt!

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    Hello, Siline! Thank you for your interest in our service. The CRM module is being already developed and it is planned to launch it closer to the end of this summer.

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    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great posting!

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    Great insight. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

  9. beck palatka

    poor bastard got what he deserved even all his money couldnt save his a$$ but it sure bought him some time befor he went to the slammer by the way kern state prison is nothing nice but he has lots of time to adjust

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